lördag 13 december 2008

Con Air

Anonymous 12/13/08(Sat)11:20 No.2342568

“This movie should've be a weekly series... with the entire cast as it was. I don't think you could get Malkovich to do TV, but c'mon. It would be so ridiculous to have it on every week like Lost, but you would totally watch a series about these people in a plane .. always getting away at the end to have another adventure next week.

Actually, if you think about it... this is why ideas like this are always set in space.. because guys in a plane always getting away at the end is kind of stupid.”

Vem vet, det kanske är just därför vi har så många sf-serier.

Jag skrattade i alla fall gott åt tanken på Con Air som en serie. Det skulle nog bli lika dåligt bra som filmen är.

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